Logo umbrellas are used by businesses and organizations for a wide range of purposes. Logo umbrellas are used for advertising products, to promote businesses, at conferences, for fund raisers and many other business and civic events. Raintec is a direct manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of umbrellas and we make custom umbrellas according to your exact specifications.

Browse our website to find promotional umbrellas and select the type of umbrella you want for your logo umbrellas. We have a great selection of high quality umbrellas that are available for personalization. You can include your company’s logo, the name of your event, product or other image to create a completely custom logo umbrella at affordable prices.

Our umbrellas are crafted to the highest standards of quality workmanship in many sizes and styles. We use quality steel or aluminum shafts and durable polyester fabrics to build logo umbrellas that will last. Available features include push button automatic opening, foam handles, and more. If you aren’t sure what you want, browse through our products for ideas about sizes, types of umbrellas and other available options.

Your logo umbrella is made to your exact specifications. We can create your logo umbrella in any size, style, or print. Send us your logo, a description, or picture of the umbrella design you want by email for a quotation for your custom logo umbrella design. We will respond to your request with a quotation based on your preferences and quantity of umbrellas you require.