Specialized Umbrellas

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Whether you are looking for wholesale rain umbrellas, a custom printed umbrella, or specialized umbrellas, you will find exactly what you need at Raintec Umbrellas. We are the manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler of high quality umbrellas offered for sale at low wholesale prices. Our specialized umbrellas are available in a variety of options and made to your specifications in our factory, so you save money.

Trust Raintec for specialized tent umbrellas to meet your specific needs. Our tent umbrellas are made to order and can be printed with your logo, if desired. These specialized umbrellas are available in three sizes and shapes. Choose from a tent umbrella in 3 m x 3 m square, 3 m by 6 m rectangle, and sixagon sizes and built with quality materials for lasting durability.

At Raintec Umbrellas, we offer a wide range of options for printed umbrellas. We can make any type of umbrella, color, and print for your specialized umbrellas. To learn more about our specialized umbrellas, please send us an email with information about the quantity you need and a description or picture of the umbrella you want to get a quote for your umbrellas.

Please browse our website to view our wholesale rain umbrellas, printed umbrella products, and specialized umbrellas. When you find products that interests you, please click Get Price and complete the form to have a product catalog and pricing information sent to your email. We do not include pricing information on our website to protect our retailers.