If you are looking for a supplier or manufacturer of folding umbrellas, Raintec offers a great selection of quality products. A folding umbrella is compact and inexpensive, which makes these products a great addition to your inventory. These umbrellas are very popular because they fold small enough to easily store in a pocketbook, glove compartment or desk drawer.

Raintec offers folding umbrella products at low wholesale prices, so you can provide affordable merchandise to your customers, while increasing your business’s profitability. We don’t list our prices online to protect our retailers. You can request pricing information for any of the umbrellas in our inventory and we will send a catalog and prices by email.

You will find folding umbrellas in styles, colors and prints to satisfy your customers. Please browse our website to learn more about the folding umbrella options that are available for your business. Click on each type of umbrella for information about the materials used, features, view pictures and information about the size and number of umbrellas in each case.

In addition to folding rain umbrellas, we offer golf umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, kids’ umbrellas and promotional umbrellas. All umbrellas are made with quality materials and sold at the lowest prices possible. We offer exceptional customer service and fast shipping directly to your business. Contact us today for additional information, prices or to place an order for umbrellas for your business.