Folding Umbrellas

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Raintec Umbrella

Raintec Umbrella is the premier provider of wholesale umbrellas that are durably constructed and attractively designed. We are the wholesaler, manufacturer, and importer of umbrellas. If you are searching for an umbrella supplier for promotional purposes, we can provide you with a great deal on wholesale umbrellas so you can save money while maximizing your business’ profit. We have a large supply of quality wholesale umbrellas and we can also create custom, made to order umbrellas to meet your specifications.

Choose the best folding umbrella

As a trusted provider of wholesale umbrellas, you can expect only the highest quality products from us. Our folding umbrella selection includes a range of small folding umbrellas which close up to 9.5 inches long. We also have micro mini folding umbrellas that fold only 5 inches small. We have many colors to select from including pink, royal blue, black, navy, and more. Browse our inventory to find just the right designer umbrella to fit your preferences.

Unique and eye-catching prints

Raintec has many beautiful quality umbrellas in solid colors. We also carry rain umbrella collections in unique and eye-catching prints. Our collection of beautiful umbrellas includes designs in many different styles such as zebra print, giraffe print, leopard print, polka dots, mini dots, and so much more. We offer additional information about our umbrellas including the number of umbrellas included in each case on the individual product pages.

We Offer Custom Umbrellas

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on our product pages, we offer custom umbrellas that are made to order to fit your unique needs. You can select the type of umbrella, the print, and design and we will create it specifically for you. Kindly send us an email with a description or pictures of the umbrella of your choice and the quantity needed and we will provide you with a custom quote.