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At Raintec, we create custom printed umbrella designs for any event or occasion. Whether you need printed umbrellas for your business, fund raiser, corporate or personal event, Raintec offers outstanding quality umbrellas at low wholesale prices. We manufacture, import and sell wholesale umbrellas to businesses and organizations at competitive prices

Our factory can manufacture any type of umbrella, color, print and we provide custom logo design imprinting on printed umbrellas. Adding your logo or the name of your event or product you are trying to promote to your umbrellas is a personal touch that works well for advertising campaigns and branding efforts. Ordering printed umbrellas is easy and affordable with Raintec. You send us the details and your logo and we create umbrellas to meet your specific requirements.

Our high quality printed umbrella designs and ready to sell umbrellas are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and unique features. If you aren't sure what type of printed umbrellas you want, browse our website to find folding umbrellas, beach umbrellas, golf umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, environmentally friendly umbrellas and specialty umbrellas to get an idea of the many options available to you.

Once you have selected the type of umbrella you want for your printed umbrella, you can request a quotation by email. Send us information about your requirements, including the size and style of umbrella, color, printing and any other details about your project. We will send you a quotation for your custom printed umbrellas, a catalog and pricing information by email.


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