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Kids Umbrellas


For children, an umbrella is more than a product to keep them dry on rainy days. The choice of umbrella styles varies widely and kids often have definite ideas about the styles they like. At Raintec, we have a great selection of kids' umbrellas for kids of all ages. The quality of our products is guaranteed and we offer our umbrellas at low wholesale prices.

Choose from kids umbrellas in many colors and styles. Our catalog includes umbrellas in primary colors, jewel tones and pastel colors. In addition to solid colors, we have unique prints and polka dotted umbrellas in a wide range of styles from frilly double ruffles to sleek designs with no ruffles. There is something in our extensive collection for boys and girls of all ages.

Some of the most popular kids' umbrellas are crafted in fun animal designs. Our umbrellas include butterflies, dogs, turtles, ladybugs and more. Other animal Fun umbrellas include bears, dogs, foxes, frogs and other fun animal designs. These umbrellas for kids come in cases that include assortments of six umbrellas.

All Raintec kids' umbrellas are designed with a childproof frame or safety frame design to create a quality product that will last and keep your kids dry without pinching little fingers. Our umbrellas for children are built in a smaller size and with durability that is essential for umbrellas that will be used by kids. Please browse our website to see the broad range of designs that are available from Raintec and request pricing information by email.

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